Interestingly, the wildest supercars came from the most random countries: Croatia, Sweden, The Netherlands, and France. Step your game up, Italy!

Superman spec
Whorehouse red interior over kinda shitty gloss blue paint
@Whitesse new Agera RS1
Autobots, roll out!
The last manual transmission supercar (except maybe the Porsche GT3)
Interesting new supercar in a boring-ass color. Kind of a wasted effort by Lamborghini IMO
Porsche really hit it out of the park with this one
They finally made it look aggressive from the front
I love the top-mound intakes below the rear window
Jaguar brought their Formula-E car along
BMW pretty much shit the bed this year by having ZERO interesting new cars on display. But this racing M3 made up for it.
I guess it’s cool. The metallic red looks WAY better than the gloss red I saw on another NSX.
Acura’s GT3
The Green Monster
The AMG GT really needed a track package to spice up a conservative design
The matte green didn’t seem to be much of a hit amongst the people I eavesdropped on.
Right engine, wrong transmission
Looks dorky.
A interesting assortment of boring automatics
Screw the haters, I like this thing. And that black stripe on the driver’s side C-pillar is actually a window, so it’s only the passenger side you can’t see out of.
Ready to rumble
Kind of a sleeper
I forgot how much I loved the Honda Project 2&4
Ford killed it with the new GT...although I’m still not sold on the engine
Many poo chutes
Props to Dodge for letting people get in the ACR
I saw as many people freak out over Mike’s Yugo as Whitesse’s Koenigsegg. “OH MY GAWD, IS THAT AN ACTUAL YUGO?!? THESE STILL EXIST?!? HEY, STEVO, COME CHECK THIS OUT!!!”