Way back in the 1980's, when I work at our Ford dealership, I was driving most of the performance vehicles Ford had to offer. In 1988 Ford announced the new Thunderbird would be supercharged! That was enough for me to sell my 1988 5speed Turbo Coupe and order a 1989 5speed Super Coupe. To save weight on the rather heavy SC, Ford installed a lightened crankshaft in the first 150 cars, which after durability testing that proved to be a bad move causing a delay in the release of the car. Since I had already sold the Turbo Coupe I picked a 1989 Mustang GT off the lot to drive until the SC came in. Ford's answer was to install a solid steel crank and start shipping cars. My SC (#157) arrived Christmas eve 1988 (what a great present!), I LOVED that car, at about 12,000 miles the original tires were shot, so I upgraded to a wider set of Gatorbacks and at the same time installed a K&N filter and a blower pulley (15psi). Life was good. In late 1989, due to my ever growing car collection, I sold the SC to a good friend with the agreement to buy the car back in 4-5 years. Well, as fate would have it, we were negotiating price on the pristine, always covered in the garage car, when tragedy struck or should I say Illinois Central. Sadness.