I would like to think that I don’t really have a bias for or against any specific brand, if a manufacturer makes a cool car whether they are from Italy, the US, or Korea I will probably dig it. Small hatchbacks, muscle cars, coupes, sedans, I'm pretty much open to anything. I have a preference for German hardware, especially if it comes in wagon form, but I won't automatically love something because it came from X brand nor automatically hate something else because it came from Y brand. If someone were to ask me, "What brand do you most identify with?" I would have said BMW. You know, because "Ultimate Driving Machine," I6 motors, slick manual transmissions and all, at least that it what I told myself.

However, when looked at it holistically and historically of all the cars I would really want to own, there are far more Audis that I connect with than BMWs. This is especially true with the current lineup for each brand. Maybe it is my penchant for wagons that draws me to Audi, even though they no longer sell them here and BMW does, but I also quite like the classic Quattro, the R8 and four-ringed sedans as well. Or maybe it's the fact that Audi interacts with their fans on social media when some others do not; that relationship goes a long way for current, or in my case potential customers.

Maybe I'm not an Audi person, or a BMW person. Maybe I'm just a car person, but for some strange reason I feel the need to have an allegiance, however slight, to a brand. Perhaps, I feel this way because I am not into sports and I want someone or something to root for. And I like to root for Audi.

What brand to you most connect with/root for? Is it one model in particular? Is it a history? A philosophy?