Over the weekend I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon photographing the three Porsche 911s you see below. I'll do my best to keep the writing to a minimum because I have very limited knowledge when it comes to these things. From the instantly recognisable smell that is best described as 'hot oil' to the telltale noise emitting from the large fan sitting under each wing. These things are fun!

They also attract a lot of attention from both old and young. After all, you are walking past three Porsches parked nicely at a park in central Auckland. While it's not extraordinary, it's not something you'd see everyday. What I did find interesting though, was the reaction from people walking by. Three years ago you would have seen these three owners parked up in a similar way but in low, loud and obnoxious Nissan Silvias or Mazda RX-7s. Even though these cars are reasonably low and two of them quite loud, peoples reaction soon turn from disgust to admiration when they see that all the fuss and commotion is coming from a classic German sports car.

As we get older our tastes and requirements change when it comes to vehicles. But it doesn't mean you have to stop having fun. Hooning around Auckland for an afternoon in fighter jet style formation was the most fun I've had in a car for a while.