A belated 'Happy Easter' to those that celebrated yesterday. I have been traveling like crazy for work and volunteering for a non-profit Veteran Service Organization in my free time, so it was nice to have a 'day off'...

I couldn't sleep Sunday morning and woke up in time to see the F1 race in the wee hours after which I zonked out on the couch for a few more hours. My bride slept in, too, so it wasn't like I was ignoring her all morning... I've got a 'honey do' list full of projects, but none of them shall be started on Easter Sunday - I think it was in John 19:28: Thou shalt not a project start on the day of Christ's resurrection, or thy will pay with thine soul. Therefore, Easter Sunday was my opportunity to wash the last remnants of winter salt off of the SRT-4 ACR for the summer season. While it does have 115,000 miles on it, I treat my SRT-4 right (like most of my toys). Regular sponge baths, synthetic oil changes, and maintenance have left me with a clean example of this oft under-appreciated car.


My bride understands my love affair with all things motorized & mechanical, but she still can't figure out why I sponge bathe my toys. I try to explain to her - it's my sanity retention... She reads trash novels to escape and I twist wrenches on, sponge bathe, and regularly exercise my toys - this seems fair to me. Besides, she spent most of her waking hours today 'getting cleaned up' and 'picking out an outfit' for Easter dinner. These two tasks take me no more than 30 minutes and that's with a clean shave. She is lucky I didn't disappear on the VFR for a couple of hours today.

Anyway, on to the debate...

It seems like every time that we venture off to a family function (such as Easter dinner) on a clear-blue-sky-wonderful-kind-of-day, we engage in a debate: Which vehicle to take.


The VFR, while providing the greatest of enjoyment for yours truly, doesn't fit the bill because apparently, "deviled eggs don't transport well in a knapsack" and her "hair will get messed up". OK, fair enough.. If we _have_ to bring food, it ought to be presentable. Who gives a shit about her hair - that's what hair brushes and scrunchies are for.

"The SRT-4 ACR is surely suitable", I sustain... Four doors, A/C, room for deviled eggs to arrive unscathed... Nope. Apparently, I drive it too spiritedly for our precious cargo to arrive undamaged. This is bullshit, BTW, because while I do drive spiritedly, I do not drive digitally. Smoothness in speed is my M.O., not holeshots and brake stands. Her hair may still get mussed as I do enjoy a good open-roof-back-road-flogging. She protests.

The last choice - before walking - is the SUV. It moves along nicely with motivation from a 5.7L, but it doesn't quite exude the 'fun-to-drive-on-a-clear-blue-sky-wonderful-kind-of-day' kind of experience. It's certainly comfortable and spacious and could probably carry 700 dozen deviled eggs adequately if necessary, but F that noise. No. NO. NO! "The SUV I will not drive today" - and so it says in Dood 2.4L:5MTX.

I put my foot down and we drive the SRT-4. Initially, she protests - the eggs are getting jostled. I assure her, "The eggs are just fine." We get onto the back roads and begin rolling towards our destination and as the SRT-4 unwinds the tarmac, she grins. Grins are followed by giggles and blow-off valve noises. "Pass this guy already," she quips as I slow to follow a lolligagger on the road... I laugh out loud at her. She looks puzzled. I drop down a gear and squeeze the throttle down. The TD04LR-16GK Turbo spools and the long-stroke 2.4L is force fed enough fuel and air to generate glorious amounts of torque. We accelerate and the lolligagger disappears behind us. She and I smile for several miles and we eventually arrive at our destination. "That was a nice drive," she offers when we pull into the driveway... I let the engine idle for a minute to reward it's hard work. "Yup."

I think I won this debate, although I'm sure I'll pay for it down the road somehow. One thing she cannot deny: it was a great day to enjoy the open road.

I hope you all had a great weekend, whether you hunted for Easter eggs or just had a nice break from work.

Keep Calm and Oppo On.