To those who make the things we love.

Press play. And scroll.

Let me tell you something.

Everything you see before you today, here, now, and for quite some time to come is the culmination of a million minds in a million different places working a million different angles to solve one problem that will always be the same. A problem that in itself contains the existential and philosophical questions that have always moved us.

How do we excite?

How do we fuse the need to move people, and the hearts and minds that drive them?


How do we give the world the chance to get smaller by allowing the people in it to go further?

How do we make art out of the practical. And how do we make that art move?

How do we grow, and in doing so not forget our roots?

How do we continue to compete for the minds, hearts, and support of the people who want a reason to vote in our favour and keep our efforts alive?


I tell you, fully, that the answer to those questions, as an industry, is in the embrace of the things that made us great.

The open road.

Touching the ever present nomadic and primordial drive to go... Elsewhere. Nowhere in particular. Just elsewhere for a while.

Exciting the world by not just building another box, or saying "good enough, we can make good volume on that". "Go home early, boys."

Because going home early is never good enough out here in dreamland.

This means only resting when we have created something great enough to be noticed—whether or not it is standing still or in flight or simply existing in contrast or compliment to wherever it happens to be.


We can do this by not relenting until the art is ready to be shown, and experienced, and understood and all the sleepless nights and shattered egos and missed deadlines have all gone screaming by because "There was one detail that wasn't just right, and I couldn't turn in less than my best", and that's ok.

It also means never backing down until you have given your best no matter the pressure.

Where am I going with this, you ask?

Well, I don't know.

But you do.

You are the one who dreamt of penning these great masterpieces when you were but a child. Doodles in the margins chasing your logical world away into second place.


You are the one who wanted to do this for a living. And then you went and did it.

And I want to thank you for doing that. Because your signature is on a million things that move the world every day. Nowhere in particular. Just elsewhere for a while.

And I want to push you, because the dreams you had that put you here still exist. I promise. Somewhere. Deep inside. And you, the artist and engineer, owe those dreams the page and the open road.


And above all, I want you to know that your creations matter. So deeply and thoroughly that you should be ashamed if you do not consider everything you do to be as important as the Mona Lisa, the written word, or the world that needs the things you make.

Never stop loving the things you bring to life, because we love them too.

Keep those dreams alive. Now scroll up and see the wonder that dreams kept healthy can bring.

If you liked this, or it spoke to you, I encourage you to share it among those who will carry it further.


And, this came about because we at oppo need to remember just what we love, instead of finding the differences that don't matter and seizing on those.