Yeah, yeah, we get it. Oppositelock is amazing. That's great. However, NO ONE CARES ANYMORE. Right now the 'Best of Oppo' series is chugging along at a monotonous pace; like a man who just settled down with 2.5 children and bought a Toyota Sienna because it's the cool minivan bro, it excites no one.

It's time to put the readership on it's toes. Time to reinvent the wheel. You ask how, and I will tell you how: I propose you discontinue 'Best of Oppo', and instead pour countless hours into a different series, entitled 'The Worst of Oppo'.


The GIFs that didn't load properly. Borked links. Bad jokes. Obviously biased political posts. Posts with comment sections resembling a wild west bar fight. NSFW with dudes in it. Compile it all into a single, nausea-inducing post! Let's stop it with the pansy, feel-goody crap and show Oppo what THE REAL WORLD OF PAIN AND ANGUISH is like!