An open letter to DasWauto, regarding 'Best of Oppo'

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Oppositelock is amazing. That's great. However, NO ONE CARES ANYMORE. Right now the 'Best of Oppo' series is chugging along at a monotonous pace; like a man who just settled down with 2.5 children and bought a Toyota Sienna because it's the cool minivan bro, it excites no one.

It's time to put the readership on it's toes. Time to reinvent the wheel. You ask how, and I will tell you how: I propose you discontinue 'Best of Oppo', and instead pour countless hours into a different series, entitled 'The Worst of Oppo'.

The GIFs that didn't load properly. Borked links. Bad jokes. Obviously biased political posts. Posts with comment sections resembling a wild west bar fight. NSFW with dudes in it. Compile it all into a single, nausea-inducing post! Let's stop it with the pansy, feel-goody crap and show Oppo what THE REAL WORLD OF PAIN AND ANGUISH is like!