So, after a rather long night, we first managed to get him to eat a few grams of food around 4am. Then nothing until noon... We kept trying but nope, not eating, not drinking. Keep in mind he is severly malnourished also, weighting probably around 4lbs in spite of being almost of adult size... But when noon arrived, as I tried to feed him again, holy shit did he start eating like hell! First he managed to eat from my finger, then did it once again to finally eat the whole plate next him and drinking like a mofo too.

So I set up a “surveillance camera” (laptop skypeing straight to my desktop :) ) next to him, ready to climb up when he wakes up because it will certainly be very poopy around there.

He also tried to clean up himself a little bit which is very good news too! His chances of survival and now much, much higher than yesterday :)