Today I changed the oil with some Redline 5w20 at the dealership since I didn't find some Motul 0w30 8100 X-Lite at the racing auto parts shop I go to all the time. I learned that I had a link to replace on the front right suspension but overall, the car is in great shape. I then changed the idler pulley since it was spinning kind of crooked.

With this done, the ECU got resetted again. (Keep that in mind)
I then removed the KIA branding that was on the car since I picked it up in Kia dealership and added a chrome frame for the plate that I had laying around.

Then I took it for a test drive....boy oh boy, THE INSANE ACCELERATION IS BACK!!!! It's like I wanted it to be!


So this is what I replaced/or fixed so far on it:
-Wipers 40$
-High beams / day lights 23$
-Air filter 35$
-Motor oil 120$
-Cleaned the MAF
-Cleaned the throttle body
-Changed the spark plugs 80$
-Replaced the idler pulley 60$
-Changed the rear tires 80$
-Changed the batteries on the remotes 10$
-Changed all the rusted bolts and nuts I've found. 7$
-Lubricate all the rubber seals and key holes with some silicone spray.
-Grease the mecanism of the PRHT, the doors hinges and locks.
-Remove the goddamn KIA branding on the car.

Now all that is left to do is:
-Change the diff fluid and clean the diff.
-Change the transmission fluid.
-Get a new head unit.
-Decide if I want to stay 17 inch or go 18 for rims and get summer tires.
-Change the rotors and pads and inspect the calipers.
-Change the coolant at the dealership.
-Change the suspension link on the front right side.
-Nourish the leather.
-Polish the tailpipes.

The extra that can wait:
-Brake ducts.
-Moto-east intake.
-Smart top module.
-Replace the ground cable on the battery. (Verdigris)

After all this, I'll be a happy man.