So, my mom got this wine cooler, in like new condition other than a broken relay. I pulled it off of the unit, it is a very common relay QP2-4.7G , like this one

They have them on Amazon for $5.25, free shipping, no tax.

Being the instant gratification kind of a guy, I called my local parts store, 1st Source Servall Appliance Parts in Aurora. Sure, they can get me the part, it is $40 plus $8.95 for shipping from their warehouse.


I understand markups. I understand expenses involved into running a business. But I also understand that a place selling one for $5.25 and free shipping also makes a profit, which means that the part probably costs under $1 wholesale. So, my local store wants to charge me 490x what it costs them to get it, to justify expenses, and to top it off, they don’t have it in stock anyway in the local store.

I think that was my last visit to that store.