Korman's shop is between me and some friends so I stop by to check on the build and see what they're up to with other cars. I'm never disappointed.

Here's my engine in mid build. Look at all those pretty new fasteners.

And my engine builder (I asked his favorite drink so I can bring him a bottle)

The car that stood out most to me was a Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale in for restoration.

Its engine was on their in house dyno for testing (mine is going on there next).

One guy bought a E30 and loved it so much he bought a second to mod. It says 318is...but that's a E36 3.2L M3 motor and the car is sitting on a E36 M3 suspension

Prepping a race car for a customer. Machine work to make room for different cams.

Someone getting their E30 sedan restored

A 3.0CS getting some custom interior work with its mechanical restoration

A E30 M3 someone had left in the back while out of the country. Currently appreciating without any effort (I love grey over salmon)

Round taillights 2002 getting a full restoration back to Inca Orange (you can see the original color in the wheel wells)

And a beautiful Weber Carburetor I just had to take a picture of

Back to mine, they said the engine should be in my car by next week, followed by a VERY specific break-in with different oils along the way. I LOVE how specific and exacting they are. They will be working on any new projects too complicated for me in the future.