For people keeping track... We got the Megasquirt issue sorted out. Turns out that the optical sensor in the distributor was acting up and we weren't getting accurate RPM data. Now we've smoothed a few other issues out with it's idle and all, and swapped in a new clutch master cylinder since that took a shit as soon as we tried to take it for it's maiden voyage. Today consisted of tuning the part throttle and cruise areas of the VE tables and we made some significant progress(still can't get on boost because of the fresh rebuild) and things were going well, too well...

On our way back to the house from cruising around town to get the tuning work done, we start getting random lean conditions and he starts blaming my tuning of course, so I start raping the VE tables to get it back to a normal area to absolutely no avail. End up rolling back into the driveway with it jumping into the 19.0:1's and barely running, I jump out and check the fuel pressure, which was at ~25psi at idle, supposed to be 43psi. Well that explains that one, guess that beauty pictured up there is going in before any more tuning gets done.


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