Okay, so apparently yesterday's SoM post (relentless pimping: here) was a bit of a lead balloon. Not sure if no one got the joke of the MarketMotion℠ list of hopeless cases and took it too seriously, or if it was just one of those jokes that wasn't. (C'mon, recommending a Renault Alliance as a collector car?)

Anyway, kind of wondering off of that: Given that we're in another ridiculous phase for the collector-car market where everyone is kind of scrabbling to get their share, what car is absolutely never ever ever going to be a collector item?

Stuff that is hopeless. Stuff that is the epitome of dismissable. Worse than Azteks (Azteks are at least sort of like latter-day Edsels, and those are perfectly respectable collector machines now).

What car is never going to show up in a collection - or will destroy the integrity of any collection that it joins?