A neighbor of mine alerted me to seeing a rattle snake on her patio (I live in a condo), because of that I’ve been extra careful about letting my dog off the leash. Sure enough, days later, when I’d usually have him off leash to go potty, there in the middle of the path was a young rattle snake. I have seen lots of snakes in my complex as I’m in California and live near a reserve. Most are not rattlers - we actually get a lot of Kings though!

I reported this to our HOA representative who, when warning the neighbors, reported it as a young snake that was ‘purportedly’ a rattler. I get using that wording, but I am CERTAIN this was a rattler. Makes sense, they’re all around. The one I saw was about a foot and a half long, it was facing the side and had its tail up. Looked like it maybe had three layers of rattle. Does this sound about right?