Over the last couple of months I’ve been pondering buy a second gen Volvo V70.

As much as I like my Crown Vic it just doesn’t have enough usable storage capacity. The trunk is deep and great for fitting multiple suitcases, dead hookers or a mini fridge but useless for just about anything else. I’ve proven this over and over again by having to put stuff inside the car. With passenger seat reclined all the way back it’s surprising how much can fit in there. Sadly that means you can’t carry any passengers which sucks.

That’s when I started looking at station wagons. Initially I was looking at Mazda 6 and overlooked Volvo until one of my friends got a Volvo 850 which got me hooked.


The 850 is a little outdated for my taste and I am not a fan of the brick like styling (yes, I know I own a box Merk). V70 on the other doesn’t have as much of a georgraphy teacher appeal and looks pretty decent and has the storage capacity I desire. Now, the question is, what engine/drivetrain combo do I go with? Naturally asperated or turbo? Auto or manuel?

My buddy tells me to get a 2.3 or 2.5 with a high pressure turbo. I guess they are cheap and easy to mod to get quite a bit of power out of them. I am always for more horsepower but this will be a daily driver and I want reliability. From what I read the 2.4 na motor is suppose to be the most reliable one. Is there any truth to this? Can Volvo experts chime in?


V70R for your time.