On purpose or by surprise (i.e., "what did the cop just shoot at me?!"), I'm not picky on your thoughts.

I'm starting a new job soon, Oppo. I've done lots of armed security jobs (public and private) in the past, but this is a little different. I'll be required to carry a Taser instead of my usual trustworthy assets (Smith & Wesson M&P .40, Springfield XD .40, Beretta 92, M4, MP5 etc) and that necessitates Taser training.

Unlike armed security jobs I've had before, thankfully, part of Taser training requires being shot by a taser. I've been OC'd and tear gassed, but never Tased. All my last jobs, if it came to using guns, we were ordered to shoot to stop the attack (read: shoot to kill), never less-than-lethal tactics.


Anyone have experiences with Tasers?

I guess I'm just wondering what it feels like to be Tased. I fully expect to scream like a girl and pee my pants, while my wife laughs until she pees her pants. But, physically, how does it feel? I have a decently high pain tolerance, but I bet most of the macho guys in YouTube videos say the same. I'm not too worried, the Tasee recovers quickly - in some cases mouthing off in no time again - and aren't crying.

Thanks for your input or jokes to my pain or whatever you'll add. Enjoy this picture of a guy getting ready to start enjoying 50,000 volts of electro stimulation for your trouble.