Hey oppo;

A rather pristine e36 328i with the commonplace automatic transmission failure has been residing, neglected, upon my local classified listings for a prolonged while now and the tantalus is growing ever stronger. Beyond the blatant deficits (i.e. gearbox dysfunction), the vehicle (pictured) seems otherwise in admirable form, and the seller's requesting a veritable pittance; considering the lack of interest he's elicited, I wouldn't be surprised if there's further downward mobility in the monetary sense, either. I can secure a compatible ZF e36 M3 transmission/driveshaft (used) locally for ~600, and the remaining sundries (clutch cylinders, lines, etc.) are relatively inexpensive, so I suspect it could be a sub $1200 task. However, I've not undertaken something of this magnitude before, and reports concerning difficulty/time investment seem to vary radically. Anyone have any experience/insights?


To be honest, I don't truly *need* such a car, but I've always embraced the dolphin-shape, and could use a project to occupy my hands...