I sort of like the Toyota 4Runner. Only sort of, I’m not crazy about it, but I think the newest version is cool rather than not. It looks like a rugged, go anywhere 4x4 because it is. In most trims, it’s a handsome truck. But I’m a guy who likes bells and whistles, which means I’d want to spring for the top trim, the Limited. I’m guessing several of you already know what gripe I’m about to bring up.

What the hell is this Godawful chrome 5mph bumper thing they have bound like a gag across the front of the 4Runner? The front of this thing looks terrible. It reminds me of a late-70's European car, originally designed with a tasteful bumper, but then when they wanted to sell it in the U.S. they just hastily glued on some massive lump of whatever to make it comply with our regulations. It doesn’t look any more premium; it looks like a tacky aftermarket bit from AutoZone.

I have another, smaller gripe as well. The 4Runner has a unique feature that allows the rear windshield to be lower into the tailgate. This is a fantastic feature normally activated by either a button inside the car, or by twisting and holding the key inside the tailgate keyhole. On the Limited, however, it would appear that the key activation has been replaced with a pair of buttons. I’m actually not 100% sure that that’s what these buttons do, but I can’t think what else they’d do. Either way, they’re only on the Limited, and look like they god swiped off an old Playstation. This one isn’t ugly like the front, but it does bug me.