Cars are great when they have proper rwd and go fast. However, have pickup trucks been overlooked?

Stay with me here. Here is what makes a cool car, in a nutshell. You want speed, rwd/awd, customization, and overall usefulness.


So, if you ask me, I would say that a pickup truck fits all of those specifications. Older chevy's usually have 454s in them, and equally large in fords and such. So, they are fast, useful if you need to haul stuff, and are almost always rwd. That only leaves customization. This is most likely the best part of owning a truck. You can do anything. Anything.

First off, lets start with some real common ones. You can lift a truck. You can pre-run lift it with long travel suspension, or you can block it higher for some mud runs. Then you can get larger tires, preferably mickey thompsons. With that, you could also strap a shovel onto the bumper, add a roof light, and even more until your heart's desire. Next you could lower it. You can lower it for stance, as well as a moderate lower so that you can do some drag races. Basically, it is an all around hoon machine.

However, I am not the first one to find this out. Both GM and Ford found out this little secret back in the 1990s, and they came out with their trucks. GM had the Syclone, and Ford had the lightning F-150. Both really hauled. Dodge later came out with their super bee dodge, but that was circa 2000. However, none of them sold well. They may have costed a pretty penny, but they were more useful than a sports car comparatively. Never mind that you can buy a base rwd pickup for the same amount as a fwd base car.


So, what do you think? Are trucks now a good contender when purchasing your next sporty vehicle, or is all of this just a bunch of wishful thinking?