I was planning on a little wrenching this morning, tackling the rear break shoes that I have been psyching myself out on. The only Vespa dealer in town just closed, so I need to accelerate my ability to repair, maintain, and upgrade my little wasp. I got no where else to go.


But man, today I feel lazy, and I kind of want to go for a ride and grab a BLT. I could try the brakes after, I mean, how long could it take?

In 3 weeks, we are taking a road trip to Arizona to see Sedona and the Grand Canyon, and the Vespa will be along for the ride on a hitch mounted carrier. We are renting a house outside Flagstaff, and I am excited about exploring on the Vespa. If any Arizona Opponauts have any suggestions on things to check out, please comment.

This is how I will see the Vespa there:

Do I have time for this mod?

Kinda like these. I think rally Vespa is pretty cool. But if I was going to restore mine, I would go with racing livery.

Of course, there is always a whole different direction I could go.

Thanks for your patience with my silliness.