Every once in a while my wife drags me out to Goodwill, the Goodwill Outlet more specifically. We've been doing it for years, well before Macklemore blew the lid off of it with his thrift shop bit. The place itself is pretty awful, and I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. Most of the time I busy myself with saving Legos that are scattered in the bins. It just doesn't seem right to let a Lego go to waste, no matter how small. Other times I dig out wooden train tracks to expand my kid's already massive Brio empire. Sometimes though I find some really interesting stuff mixed into the broken vacuum cleaners, rejected VCRs, and Jazzercise videos. I've found some pretty amazing antiques, cool old magazines, vintage camera equipment, and other fun stuff that makes the dignity I leave at the doors somewhat worth it.

Recently I found a box of old love letters and photos tossed about a bin. I'm fascinated by things like this. I suppose some of it might actually be a voyeuristic streak I have, but I justify that by the fact that someone threw this box away and didn't care if other people saw the memories and personal effects contained within.

Which brings me to this post. Mixed into the letters and photos were a bunch of cars and motoring memorabilia. As soon as I saw them the car guy in me went on full alert. I sifted frantically, not wanting any of motor head bits to slip through my fingers and get tossed in the trash. My wife saw what I was doing and asked why.


"Look at all this cool car stuff!" I said. She stared disapprovingly but also with the look that said she knew I was a lost cause.

In the mix of what I sifted through were IDs, letters, photos, and discount cards in the name of Mr. William C. Hunnicutt and Bill (William) Guyot. Who were these guys? Were they the same guy? The photos show what look like dirt track car races involving a very cool mix of old American steel. Just looking at photos of those old cars being raced when they must have been close to new drew me in and fired up my imagination. What would have it been like to be racing or even just hanging outside the fence and looking in? Were these shots taken by young kids who were car spotting? Maybe they were doing something "cool" like skipping school. I'll never know, but occasionally I take the box of photos out and sift through it, letting my mind run with questions as I do.