So I've made up my mind to sell my E60 535i and buy an E39 M5. My problem is, I also really like the look of the M5 Touring. The thing is, you can't get one in the states, so the best I can do is a 540iT with a M5 front bumper and wheels, but that's still not an M5.

Though in this case, I found a 540iT with all that, a Dinan supercharger (really a Vortech), and a big chunk of Dinan's E39 catalog. Three strikes against it: automatic, he wants decent E39 M5 money (I say that's hard to do when you don't actually have an M5 or any other serious advantage, like low miles), and it's in my second favorite color (my first being LeMans Blue, which you can't get on the wagon - only another, darker blue).


Compare that to a relatively stock M5 with a few less miles and about $1000 cheaper. It's in the color I want. Suspension options are more plentiful (if I want to star messing with that stuff). Manual transmission (which I'll have to teach my wife to drive on). Also...M5.

Thoughts? I'm totally torn. Is an almost-M5 wagon cooler than a M5?