I watched this three minute video and I couldn't believe the amazing thing I just saw.

This guy enters his car, but when you see what happens next, it will literally blow your mind.

Shit like the head-lines above will make me abandon social media soon. Seriously, I can't take this stupid crap any longer. For the love of Miatas and E30s I hope Jalopnik will never start click-baiting in that way (nothing against "click-baiting" per se, but this style...). I can't take Buzzfeedization of media!


Sorry for the rant, maybe some of you will have your mind literally blown by what I just said or you will put down your phone for the rest of the day after the 10 most amazing things ever you have witnessed here, but I needed to get this off my soul. What comes next will leave you stunned.

A picture of an early 928.