Rolex Grand Pric, of Australia from Albert's Park in Sidney Australia. Which is the first race of the 2013 season more than a month after the real season started in the area of Europe known as Spanish. NASCAR will always have more fans and sponsors then the go car formula 1 cars however one must be open minded to motorsports divisions, being a true jalop. Because a formula one car generates enough downforce to drive upside down. this is necessary in australia so they do not fall off of the earth and end up in space, whos season does not start until July when russia sends them to space to find red superman.

There are new people on old teams such as Lewis Hamilton who is now with Nico Rosberg at Mercedes racing teams because the McLaren was too jalop for him so he wanted a GLK to drive his kids to soccer practice and it has a bigger engine to. Michael Schoemaker left Mercedes to go to the Red Wings Boot company to make more shoes so his kids can have dinner, retired drivers cant go fast anymore because of new rule changes stating you must be driving to go fast which is not fair to the not drivers in the stands who want to go fast.


The race was almost postboned because of the Kangaroo protest on thursday and the Koala Klahmydia fundraiser but Bernie Excclesoten made them extinct so his daughter could use it to get tan for the pictures. Roman Grossjeans has filed a complaint against Red Bull because he said his brother, Pepe Jeans, never wanted to sponsor RBR because Vettel is only 13 years old and Pepe cant be near children since the beach thing.

It will be a good racing because NASCAR does not race that day which means they will try hard because people will be watching them and not Danica Patricia or James Johnson go 220mph which is really fast for a camry. Discuss below in Kinja for a chance to win great prizes like the chance to be on Jalopnik front page and make all the money for engine swaps.