I went to the OC Auto Show on Thursday and took some photos. Enjoy the non-edited, dark photos since I was lazy.

The Hatch not only looks strange but has poor read headroom. Poor design on Honda’s part.
Honda just kinda left this here without saying anything.
All the Hondas and Acuras had a ton of warnings in their instrument displays.
Not a fan of this refresh.
I sat in one and was impressed. GM’s done a great job with the CT6.
Since when did these exhaust finishers exist?
Another warning light.
This is the view from a Camaro. Fun, isn’t it?
New Equinox.
This car was silver. Auto white balance done goofed.
I really like the Niro. It was the right ride height and had a ton of features...it’s a shame I’ve heard bad things about its drive.
The door handles felt kinda cheap on the Continental.