Rules are below.

Car Bodies Must Be Similar To A Pre-Existing Car

Like below, that car body is similar to a Nissan S30, please state what kind of car it is supposed to be when you submit.

Engine must be based off an existing unit

Say you’re building a replica 240Z or similar S30 and want it V8 powered, you can base it off a LS ( same bore and stroke, similar internals ). You can mess with the internals or turbocharge it or change the intake manifold if you so please. You can put any sort of existing engine in your car, so in theory if you wanted you could build a Oldsmobile Silhouette powered by a L24 inline 6. the block and head should be the same material as the real engine


Should be authentic to the car you are trying to replicate or as close as possible

For example the 240Z you’d be theoretically trying to replicate and tune should have a similar suspension setup the the original ( MacPherson struts in the front, Chapman struts in the back ). In Automation there aren’t Chapman struts you you could substitute them with whatever you’d like.

Other rules

I didn’t know what to put here so have so VTAK

The build year should be 2016 or 2017, the chassis should be the same material as the car’s real life counterpart ( for example if you were trying to replicate a NA Miata it should have a unibody made of some sort of steel ) the body panels can be whatever material you please. The wheels can be any size you want. Post your submissions in the comments below.

Ferrari 355/348

Renault 5

Suzuki Jimny
Saab Sonett

First gen Camaro