So I’m just finally getting around to posting my fleet week pics as well as a bunch of other pics I’ve taken at work the past month or so. theres a ton of them i think around 50 pics on this post. Enjoy

this osprey sat all week with some serious hydraulics problems
the line up
these things are massive up close
visitors from Missouri supporting a seal skydive team
SexyJet is a sexy jet
german invasion
E190 is massive compared to most other aircraft the land here
when you break your plane these guys come to the rescue either dropping off parts and technicians or picking up passengers withe the broken aircraft gets fixed.
Gulfstreams brand new G650ER on display to prospective customers
A C210 converted to turboprop for those with more money than sense

Lastly, Grom! dude has it stretched and lowered but the guy who rides it must be like 6'3"