Back around Thanksgiving, I posted a blurb about a major used car dealer that sent us some cars to get leather because they were rentals. They needed new interior. It ended up being 78 cars, with sunroofs in a bunch of the leather cars. We spent most of December just doing their cars.

So, last night, our local Charlotte “investigative news,” team broadcast this:

Mr. Lehto - do you have any contacts in the Charlotte area who can help these folks? I remember you mentioning some federal warranty laws, maybe that can help these people.

Mr. McParland: Any advice to used car clients to avoid this situation?

I didn’t know what they were doing with the cars until it was already done. The banks that made the loans can now go after the dealer group for fraud based on the value of the car vs the loan decisions.


So if shit gets sideways on this, well, I guess I’ll need to vacate myself from the premises.