So , the QOTD got me thinking about some of my experiences driving in the Boston area. Since I have had my Jeep, most of the time if something happens the combination of thick steel bumpers, large Off road tires, a subtle Smith & Wesson sticker ( I dont cary daily while driving) and a menacing beard usually mean most people keep their distance. I like to think of it as "Peace through superior firepower". But even with the aggressive nature of my truck, contrary to Boston driving etiquette, I'm Pretty laid back behind the wheel. I try to let things roll off my back I drive to enjoy myself, not to get angry. However there have been instances where someones aggressive or overly arrogant attitude has required my hand.

On this specific occasion I was lazily driving down RT 1 south of Boston maintaining the speed limit and enjoying having my doors off. When some numpty in a silver 325ix came bombing off of the near by 95 off ramp, trying to maneuver around merging traffic and nearly taking his mirrors off on the side of my truck. Having my doors off ment this was a bit close to home, but if he wants to hit me thats fine. I've been hit 3 times by people in my Jeep and not one has laid a scratch. But apparently to this fellow, I was the reason his driving rhythm was disturbed because I decided not to let his wayward attitude spoil my ride by slamming on my brakes to let him cut me off. In his anger and frustration He then proceded to brake check me 4 times followed by pulling along side my truck and swearing at me giving me many gestures of an impolite nature. My response, calm and cool as I could was to wave and smile, Because Fuck that guy I got my doors off, some good tunes and my pipe I dont need the aggravation. However this proceded to spoil his mood further resulting in something I never expected while driving my Jeep. He proceeded to remove a small swiss pocket knife, expose the blade and begin waving it at me, like small child waving a stick. It was hilarious. Now I should procede the rest by saying I keep a Ka-Bar bowie knife in my truck most of the time for utility purposes... impromptu wheeling, trail blazing making a fire... etc. I would NEVER dream using it on a person!! But at the time I decided this guy needed to learn to chill and observe his surroundings. So I then grabbed the knife, held it up slightly and waved it at him as if I was a parent waving my finger, NO. Followed by a stiff middle finger and a smile.


I've never seen someone look more scared. He immediately slowed down and put 4 or 5 cars in between us, as I turned off the road and headed in a different direction, wanting nothing more do do with that situation. Part of me was glad that he was scared. I wanted this guy to learn a lesson. Part of me thought the whole situation was hilarious. But at the end of the day the dumest thing you can do while driving is wave a weapon at another person. Because you never know what they my pull out in return. I broke the lesson that I was hoping to teach that guy, and on that front the both of us were being stupid. I will plainly admit that doing what I did was wrong, not only that but since then, my knife is kept in the tool box, not anywhere I can grab it. And I hope that guy learned a lesson too, because the next time he decides to show off his swiss army knife while driving, he might meet someone a lot less patient, and a lot more loaded.