I took WAY to many pictures to post them all here (298), so I'll put up a few good ones and include the link to my smugmug.

I left jersey around 6:30 and managed to arrive around 7:45. (I think I managed to make up 15 minutes by doing 85+ the entire trip). I had no idea this meet was going to be what it was. I knew I was in for some shit when I saw a BMW M1 roll in, first time I've ever seen one in person.

I was in love with this R34 GT-R. So in love, that I forgot to take a picture of the front with something that wasn't my phone. Dammit! I talked to the owner of this car and he said he bought it off a Marine that was stationed in Japan, and had it shipped back to the US. He said he believes the engine puts out around 1000bhp and 720awhp. He also does some pretty sly stuff to keep the feds off his ass, by the time they get a lead on where this car calls home, it will be 2 homes ahead of them.

This little Ford was pretty badass, another one I haven't seen in person before

I saw so many 550 maranellos it wasn't even funny


I'm not even kidding at this point

Alright, what the hell, is every 550 in new england at this meet?

First time seeing a Miura also

Someone please remind me what this is called, I know its east german


I saw this e23 pull in to a lot behind like a model home or something while I was talking to the owner of a DB7 about my car. I had to go chase it down and get a closer look. I've only seen 3, THREE, e23's in my life. An L7 I spotted in the JY (which is now gone), my freinds 85 745i that I've posted about many times as well as being featured in NPOCP on the FP, and this being the third. It was a very clean 733i with a manual

This was also an odd find, 90-91 LTD Crown Victoria LX

Many a Mini

One of two C7's

A trabant!


Unimog! I believe this truck came from Austria

Another one!?

Audi RS4 - any of you that have seen my "Found on the Ebays" posts know I'm a fan of these


Lovely E24 M6

If I was to buy a Lotus, it would be an esprit

Oh jesus christ, not you again

I think this is a 3.6L kenne bell

This is where I was hiding