‘It’s a bus ride like no other’ the brave voice over explains.

‘Luckily, there are only dummies on board instead of passengers’.

Hold your many, many horses there pal, because shit is about to get real at the Millbrook test centre.

Tests include, 25% gradient hills, top speeds and braking.

Rob Taylor, test driver and obvious speed maniac, said

‘You’d be surprised what they’re capable of’.

In all seriousness we probably would. I for one not having the skill or the capablilty to drive one of these large machines I doth my cap at thee, Rob.


Blowing the lid on the whole operation, James Blackshaw tells the camera, ‘we’re really testing fuel efficiency’.

I think it’s rather good that there exists in the world a place where busses fight it out. The only thing missing is British Touring Car Championship drivers.