Doesn't mean the paint is in good shape. So with about 3000 miles on the S4 I finally got around to having a clear bra installed. I went back and forth with the idea for sometime but in the end I decided its a gorgeous car and I want to keep it looking that way. I took the car to Elite Finish Detailing in San Diego where Wes Walz hooked it up! He polished the entire car and applied C.Quartz Finest coating to every panel that wasn't going to get clear bra'd. Evan from Auto Armour came by and wrapped the full hood, fenders, bumpers, mirrors, cups, and back cargo pad area.

Just because it was a "new" car definitely doesnt mean that the paint was in good shape. There was already some wash damage caused by either me or the dealer, and there was some weird over spray type stuff along the passenger side that Wes had to fight. Also the clear coat on the black was different than he had seen on previous Audi's (He owns a blue 2014 S4 and has done countless other Audi's) that put up a fight...but the results speak for themselves. Pictures can't do this car justice. You won't find a tiny scratch anywhere on this car now.

Here are some before close-ups

And here is what she looks like now.