Hey Oppo,

This is going to sound fucktarded. I know that because it sounds fucktarded in my head, but I dunno the answer. So, the question is this:


Does the apex of a corner change from one vehicle to another, or just how it's approached?

I ask because I was just watching a bunch of different cars driven by different drivers (probably of different skill levels) going around the same corner and the variety of ways through was pretty wide with more than one looking like the fast line. I've never spent time on a track and I'm not a huge motorsport fan so my knowledge is pretty crap.

Even in watching a variety of cars taken around the TG track, depending on the car (FWD, AWD, RWD... Heavy, Light, FR, MR, RR yadda yadday) the approach seems slightly different car to car. I'm guessing the apex never moves, you just adjust as a driver depending on what you're driving.

But hopefully someone can enlighten me. Dusty? Anyone?