Seeing as that everybody is doing intros and Im not feeling the whole study grind I figured Ill give it a go. I'm Matteo, 21 years old, going to pharmacy school in Philadelphia. Watkins Glen is my hometown and is basically what got me into cars, as I spent most of my childhood summers at the track with my dad. Im heavily involved with everything related to WGI and Watkins Glen in general (corner worker, vintage grand prix festival, international motor racing research center, etc.) I got into competitive stuff a few years back with my dad and we're now both avid autocrossers, battling it out in the Glen Region SCCA G Stock class in our '99 BMW 318ti. Along with the 318ti, I have an '02 BMW 325ci for track use and DD plus an '86 Toyota MR2 that I just bought to shuttle me back and forth from Philly and to have a bit of fun. Picture time!