Thought I would share a few photos of the PWC race at Laguna Seca this past weekend. You know, the one where Patrick Long got punted out of the championship.

This grid walk is by far one of the most awesome I’ve ever done.
I can’t believe I fat-fingered this one. UGGGGGHHHHHH
Naturally the Missus and the Munchkin make an appearance.
Obviously I’m the guy not paying attention and being disrespecful during the national anthem.
Lap one!
First lap wreck just past turn 3. I think this involved a Bentley and an Audi.
This poor R8 driver was being pressured into the hairpin, overcooked it and locked up sending him straight into the fence. This would change the whole race.
Last lap after the yellow was pulled!
This is the last race picture I was able to take. I was too sucked in watching Long chase down the Caddy after it went off in turn 4 shortly hereafter. Also, that Aston was far and away the loudest car there.
A rather irritated Patrick Long.