Last night I was awoken by aspirating acid reflux, with the pain and vomiting that goes along with it. I made it to the bathroom, but there was a bit is side spray I need to clean up. Last week it was gout, and today it was the loss of vision straight ahead followed by visual hallucinations and other assorted migraine aura. I have some prescription meds for the migraine, but it needs to be taken with Benadryl. I’ve taken Benadryl before and it has had some minor side effects, but today it has completely wrecked me.

I read the list of side effects, and it looks like I’ve got about 90% of them. On the bright side my vision is back, but I am currently a walking disaster. I took half a day off last week because of a headache and didn’t want to do it again today so I stuck it out. Obviously I wasn’t my usual productive self. I just wonder what it’s like for my coworkers - is it better to have a borderline zombie or not have me there at all?


Getting old really sucks. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s nap time...