Gathered here are the Oppositelock posts that people put a good deal of effort into writing last Wednesday and Thursday. It includes rallycross, the Toyota Corolla, an Alfa high and more.

Seriously, this is important…There is a form of motorsports for every skill level, budget and interest and its probably closer to you than you think. When it comes to smiles per dollar, rallycross is a clear winner in my eyes… Not convinced this is for you? Then let's address you're excuses.

With a hollow cough, the four inline cylinders turn over. The cabin fills with the halfheartedly dampened sound of 126 anemic horses humming… Dull gray plastic glares back at me from every angle. From the headliner to the carpet, nothing but gray. This is the first time 50 shades of gray would be appealing, because at least they would release me from this monotonous one… Here am I, a car guy sitting in the blandest of cars, like a disappointed promotion-seeker confined to a cubicle. And I love it. It's a slow, uncomfortable pile of boring junk. But I love it.

I can blame my middle school bus route past the import auto shop for the recent deluge of Alfa in my life. Our dad's 73 BMW 3.0 CS sometimes sat outside of the shop there, so in between sightings of the classic E9 coupe began a steady exposure to Alfa Romeo. It's necessary to note that the school bus never broke down, which at that point would have been the only opportunity, short of breaking down in an Alfa, for me to associate Alfas with a disregard for forward progress.

I consider myself to be a bit of a connoisseur of weird airplanes. So when something comes along that even I've never heard of, you know it's going to be crazy. I just learned of this one today: The Cornelius XFG-1

The Boeing Model 307 Stratoliner has turned 75 years old. Only 10 were built, one of which was purchased by Howard Hughes, but the Stratoliner ushered in the modern era of commercial aviation.

Commuting sucks. Throughout the evolution of the automobile and the cultures that have adopted it, this has transformed from something that didn't exist to an innate fact. During that evolution, the automobile underwent its own transformation - as a glorified novelty to a legitimate means of transportation to a strange yet perfectly harmonized hybrid of the two (well, a toy if not exactly a novelty)...back to a simple means of transportation.

The classic car market is a dynamic place where certain makes and models are available as sum-of-their parts pricing while others have appreciated to collector only levels. If you don't have the coin to get into the rich kids club, but still want vintage motoring bliss, the BMW 2002 isn't a bad place to start.

Its a cold winter morning in January, and my cousin is skiing in Norway. He has left his winter beater bimmer in my driveway for me to check it out. I'm terrible tempted to try out the Bavarian handling machine at first hand, and it only take mere seconds until I'm sitting comfortable, but also safely in the German cloth seats.

Mazda has always, as far as I can remember, had a reputation that matches it's "Zoom-Zoom" slogan. These cars that are made, first and foremost, to be fun to drive. Their cars have also been popular because of their Japanese heritage for better than average reliability and great value. I, however, have never owned or driven any of their products. This all changed last week.

Subaru had no need for me to review the new Forester, but the idea came to me while I was in my parents car on the way home, so I asked if I could borrow it for a bit, they said that I could so long as I don't try and drift it, I said I promise I wouldn't, with my fingers crossed behind my back and I set off in a semi rapid pace, something that would soon stop after driving it for a bit.

Three months ago, I wrote an article eulogizing Paul Walker after his unfortunate death. In that article I said that I would hope that anytime a car enthusiast passed, that we eulogize and truly memorialize that person for their contribution not only to our car culture, but for the impact they had on our lives. Well my dear Jalops, it pains me to write this as it is still fresh, but a man I loved and held in deep regard passed this last month, my grandfather Larry.

Check out this sweet goodness! That is the Dream Chaser spacecraft developed by the Sierra Nevada Cooporation. You probably haven't heard much about SNC and it's Dream Chaser mainly because their CEO isn't a douche-bag lunatic. But do you have to be a media whore to develop a successful spaceship? Hell no!

Technical innovation is what makes Formula 1 so different from any other form of racing. The on track action is as much played out by the engineers and aerodynamicists as it is the drivers. We are here to admire, study, and discuss this beauty that exists on the ragged edge of what we think is possible, or at least what we thought was possible. Also read about Day 2.

What makes us so attracted by these cars? Is it our pride in our race? Is the Fast and the Furious to blame? Initial D, Wangan Midnight? Drifting? All these questions base our knowledge on how we first started in this auto-world, but in all honesty, what we love in the past may have been long gone. The Honda Civics, Integras, CRX's, Del Sol's, MX-5's, Celicas, MR2's and more defined the "Golden-Age" of Japanese Imports. From then on, JDM culture seems to be long gone? Or has it?

"I got free tickets to the Montreal Autoshow. Do you want to go?", asked my wife last friday. This is how started what would be a very, very dark day for me. I didn't plan to go to the show eventhough I live almost next to it. I went the year before and to be frank, unless you plan on buying a new minivan or a new sedan, autoshows are, at least for me, kind of boring. But I never saw the new Corvette, the Felino was doing its public premiere and it's free, so why not! All-in-all it was a rather basic autoshow... Exept for one thing. One big thing. An entire floor, dedicated to a tuner from the Montréal region, "Zone Performance".

The Best of the Rest

BrownDogWelding took photos of the cars of Bisbee, AZ. Distraxi photographed Ferraris at the NZ Festival of Motor Racing. Thomas Nourse shared some of his favourite shots from his old camera. Godspeed11 took the first snow drive in his Turbo X. Robert Maxwell posted part 2 and part 3 of his Subaru build in Japan. BiTurbo228 got the head for his Spitfire ported. Jlmounce found some photos of his '08 Mustang GT California Special. Offroadkarter got his BMW back on the road. Zipppy repaired his dads car and tore down a small block Chevy. D1ck engaged in some snowy shenanigans. 505 - morphine not found got his tuned up Peugeot out for its first hooning of the season. N2Skylark bought a Fiat 500. It's a "Porch-uh" gave his e39 a kidney transplant.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.

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