Gathered here are the Oppositelock posts that people have put a good deal of effort into writing from the last 24 hours. Today it includes great driving music, flipping a truck in Africa, a weird place for car lovers and more.

The Reptune GT is a kit car based on the Austin Mini and the brainchild of a designer by the name of Dennis Prophet. It isn't often that you are able to buy a car from its designer, but this gullwing designed kit car is being sold by the original designer/builder. Find this 1976 Reptune GT is for sale in Ajax, ON via for $13,500 CDN.

For those of you not familiar with Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, it's a Can-Am inspired 70's animation movie from Norway. It's been featured here before, but it's so good that it deserves another mention. Because some days ago I found the music-video of a song inspired by the movie soundtrack, and it uses the best parts of the final race. The music is a bit 90's, but whatever…

Enjoy a few pictures from my road trip to Hawk's Nest last week. Most of these pictures are from the main part of the route; the short set of twisties. The whole reason why I wanted to go on the trip in the first place. Hawk's Nest is a scenic route on Route 97 near Port Jervis, NY. It runs along the Delaware River right on the border of NY/PA.

Flåklypa Grand Prix, known as Pichcliffe Grand Prix in English, is a stop-motion movie by the late Norweigan director Ivo Caprino released in 1975. Christian Koenigsegg once said in an interview it was this movie that made him want to make a supercar when he was a kid. This is the best trailer I could find, which unfortunately is in Danish, but you get the gist of it.

So I took some pictures. There's not many of these old war birds left functioning. Not the original Nine - O - Nine, but painted up like the original with all of her missions. B24's are not the most attractive aircraft, but damn are they powerful. Also falling into the category of powerful, 500lb bombs. Imagine 1000 of these flying over you town. Talk about blocking out the sun.

So I got the new bellhousing in, and everything bolted in perfectly. Went to drop the engine and trans in, and we ran into another snag. We couldn't tell before because we didn't know where the trans had to sit, but the oil pan is resting on the steering rod. Now, we have a couple of options. Option A, buy special pan for $240 that will clear the steering. Option B, modify the pan either with a hammer or by cutting and notching.

Ed is one of my favorite people. Ever. Ed flippin' Tillrock. There are folks who walk among us that don't really stick to the 5 senses, they have extra ordinary capabilities. The things that go off in our mortal brains to perceive and make sense of our world, they go off in their brains in a different way altogether. Typically I can understand a process, how a thing is done....I might not be able to do it, I might not even be able to explain it, but I get how it's possible. But not Ed's pencil drawings.

This weekend I went to the Volta Region a province in the far east, extending about ¾ of the of Ghana- Togolese border (the far north is the upper east region), dominated by the massive Volta Lake. We left on Saturday morning, I was meeting my friends who had spent the night near the madina old road, so finding them was a challenge, I took 3 tro tros and had to back track a lot, but I finally made it. So our tro loaded up (along with the passengers we also had a giant freezer) and took off. This ride was more than a little insane.

Hey all!. I just finished uploading my pictures from this years trip to Road America to flickr. thought i would share some of my favorite shots with everybody. Enjoy! If your interested there about 130 more pictures in my flickr set. Also, feel free to leave feedback, photography its kinda a hobby of mine and i would love some pointers.


Maybe its corny to remember the exact day that you bought your car, but this was really my first car i felt i truly earned. And after a year of searching for the car, and a 300 mile trip down to get it, its purchase was pretty special too. And consequently, my first year as a 5spd driver. So here is her story, and where she is now. 1 year later.

Pictured here are TWO Smart ForTwos. Yes, two Smart cars (one of which is a Brabus edition!). Normally, that wouldn't be strange... However, in Catalina, where I visited last weekend, this was one of the ONLY cars they drive. Golf Carts are the primary source of transportation around the island of Catalina, California. They don't go very fast, but then again, there's no reason to here. It's a small island, only 22 miles long, and the largest city (Avalon) holds about 8/10ths of the population on the island. The towns are small, cramped even. It feels much more like a Carribean island.

There's a genre of electronic music that is rooted in car culture and racing. I call it Nightdrive music while others call it Outrun. It's a sub-genre of Synthwave as the style borrows heavily from the 80's, but it also draws inspiration from racing videogames. I find this music is best enjoyed while driving at night. It's very atmospheric, high paced, and transports you into the middle of an action movie.

The Chappe & Gessalin CG 1300, because one can never have too many sexy fiberglass French sport cars. This particular one, produced from 1972 to 1974, was powered by a rear-mounted 4-cylinder straight out of the Simca 1000 Rallye, producing a little under 100bhp (but that's okay, because the car weighed 670kg, or 1477lbs). Good luck finding one though, because only 95 were made before the company went bust, as it was unable to compete with Alpine, the oil crisis and the brand new Matra Bagheera.

Take it to the track. Everyone around here says it, but how often is it actually followed through with? I for one do not follow this rule, this may out me as some sort of heathen but it is true. I have never been to a track day, never done auto-x, rally-x, or anything of the sort. Don't get me wrong I would love to but I am currently an intern and make shit for money, meaning I rarely have any to spare. What is some like me to do? I do a bit of hooning on the roads. Yes, public roads.


As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.

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