Yesterday's holiday in Canuckistan caused me to to be distracted by a lake, sun and drinks so gathered here are the Oppositelock posts that people have put a good deal of effort into writing from the last 4 days. Today's edition includes an ode to a Mercedes 190e, a father and son sharing their passion for cars, a case for the manual transmission and more.

1992 Mercedes 190E 2.6: The Oppo Classic Obituary - TheVegetable

I know, I know - it's not even 25 years old yet. But the underlying platform is about 30 years old! I was watching the old John Davis MotorWeek review, and I thought about all the things I loved about this car, especially since it was tragically taken from me earlier this year. So here goes…

Do fuel prices affect your driving habits? - Klaus Schmoll

Fuel prices have been on an upwards trend since... well the invention of fuel. A friend of mine said years ago that "Driving will never be as cheap as it is today, again." And of course he was right. No need to call him a prophet or anything for that prediction, that was just common sense. Read more…


Left For A Hoe: 1972 Chevy El Camino - TheDailyTurismo

We at the Daily Turismo are strong believers in the Joker's axiom to "never rub another man's rhubarb" —in this case we are referring to his most prized possession, a classic car under restoration. However, we are equally so opportunists and cheapskates to the bone, so we have a hard time passing up a good deal..but what if that deal comes with a potential to get a crescent wrench used to give you a basal skull fracture. Find this 1972 (it might even be a 68/69) Chevrolet El Camino for sale in Santa Clara, CA for $6,000 from the angry ex-wife via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy. Read more…

1st Car for My Son: Brake Jerb Edition - Brian, The Life Of

I have been remiss on posting updates to the father/son project so it's time for a little catch-up. Since the last update we've rebuilt the carb and got the motor humming. This led to the discovery of a mild valve tapping so the valve covers came off for another minor adjustment to #7. All was right as rain except for the irritating tendency for the motor to bog when the choke was fully open and a little throttle applied. Read more…

Daily Drive, Track, or Burn: My Friends Cars - Alex Murel

Welcome to Daily Drive, Track, Or Burn! 3 choices, 3 cars, you know what to do. Last Thursday I showed you 3 Miata alternatives, and every one of them was a Toyobaru. Even though they're all the same car, people have some pretty strong opinions about them. The obvious choice for DD was the Subaru, as it's somewhat more comfortable than the other two, the GT-86 got tracked because of its heritage, and the Scion was burnt, but only because of it's badges. Read more…

Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals 2013: The Show - Boxer_4

This was my first time at the Import and Kit Nationals, and my first time going to an event at Carlisle. I live only about 100 miles away from Carlisle, so I'm not sure how I haven't managed to go to a single show here until now. I was there Saturday. The turnout probably would have been a bit better if it wasn't so overcast and threatening to rain. Lots of nice pictures here.


How do I save a special car from an evil, neglectful owner? SaveaGN

So Jalopnik... I live in the Midwestern US, and there's a car that I drive by almost every day. It's a late 1980s Buick Grand National. The interior (as of 8 months ago) appeared to be in nearly flawless shape. The harsh oscillation of weather (record triple digit summers with single digit winters) is slowly destroying this beautiful car. It has sat, unmoved for at least 2 years. I've knocked on the door of the house, trying to ask about purchasing the car or even offering to secure it with a tarp. The guy told me that it was his neighbors, but I suspect he was trying to throw me off his trail. Either way, a white van parks next to the Buick every night, so I know someone is walking by it every day. Read more…

This Is The Toughest Mother Hubbard In Motorsport - Steve Hopkinson

Let me introduce you to Cal Crutchlow, a British motorcyclist competing in the MotoGP series. Being tough as nails is a requirement to race in two-wheeled motorsport, but Cal is as tough as a diamond-reinforced adamantium harpoon. Read more…


I drive a manual transmission. You don’t. But you should. - VDiddy210

Recently I was reminded by people on the internet and even in my day to day endeavors that the new dual-clutch gearboxes shift so quickly, that there is absolutely zero reason for anyone to drive a manual transmission. “When you realize that these new generation transmissions shift faster than any human being can, you'll realize how stupid you sound for wanting a 'stick'.” Read more…

Car Commercials Annoy Me - JQJ213

I figured this picture would get your attention because the title isn't very grabby. A lot of car commercials today drive me crazy. And there are many different styles which annoy me. There are the cartoon ones, the completely unrealistic ones, and the ones where someone is just driving. Read more...


Her first car race - MonkeyPuzzle

The schools in the area all did a program called Race to Read, whereby if you read enough books you get a free ticket (and one for your accompanying adult) to go to Bandimere to see drag races. My daughter LOVES to read, and I suspect is building either a love of cars, or a love of me, hard to tell. Either way, she was SUPER excited to go to a race. Read more…

Getting from Point A to Point B - slowly, sometimes pedaling - Dan Mosqueda

I was walking along the historic streets of Annapolis, Maryland last weekend and came across this beauty. It's a Motobecane 50V Mobylette sporting a CVT and 49.9cc engine. She was known colloquially as la bleue. From the Moped Wiki: "About half of the 30 million Mobylettes sold since 1949 were a model nicknamed la bleue (the blue) so called because they first sold in just one color." Read more...

Truck Search 2013: Truck Yeah! How Hard Can It Be?... - ADabOfOppo

I have been chronicling my search for the ideal small, solid pickup to use as a 3rd vehicle for the occasional Truckificationing. So far, I have been thwarted by the US's hatred of diesel, my general ineptitude when it comes to wrenching, and my budget. I am not alone in my perturbedness about the current crop of available truck choices. To say that there are few that fit the bill would be a gross oversimplification. So, when one is faced with a lack of perfect choices, one must make compromises. And indeed I have…

My dad borrowed a 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T 6-speed for me - Sparf

I'm so glad my dad is once again working at a car company that sells a car I lust for. Apparently this is a display car Hyundai Sweden is keeping at the moment. It just came back from repairs after some dealer crashed it, and the entire driver's side is new (including the door and all the body panels). Fortunately, it can't have been too serious a crash because it drove like new (even when I pushed it a little). Read more…

So I drove a BRZ today… - Jayhawk Jake

And I was underwhelmed. Maybe I was expecting too much, but it wasn't amazing. Oh sure, it drove really well. You can tell the CG is super low, it's very stable. I'm sure on a track or nice winding road my opinion would be different, but here in Wichita, there's just nowhere to go to really get it moving. So frankly, driving it here, it wasn't much more fun than my Koup. I know what you're thinking, fucking fanboy, comparing a BRZ to a Kia but seriously, the Koup has been complimented on it's handling and frankly, it does pretty damn well. The BRZ is certainly better, but here? There's nowhere that I could see that. Read more…

Return to my local shady dealership - Part 3 - Pabuuu4

Dutch Oppositelock poster Pabuuuu4 visited a local dealership known for its less than legitimate business practices and shows us some of the interesting metal sitting around in their sizeable lot. Read more... Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 as well.

The Opposite Locker - Edition XI, XII & XIII - FractalFootwork

This is The Opposite Locker where we try and sort out the cool from the square. You are free to discuss your point of view of the cars, on the board and up to bat, within the comments with an optional use of the "Anna Kendrick Test." This is a discussion system detailing how cool a car is, not how fast, fun, or frivolous it may be, but how well it looks in the cat's pajamas. Edition XI, Edition XII and Edition XIII


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