Not at C&C but still awesome.

I was going to try and get this up yesterday, but I.... Um..... Got distracted.

Was so excited about this it wasn’t healthy.

My first stop wasn’t even at Cars and Coffee but a meet I saw on the way there.

I agree. It was top down weather.
XJC engine bay.
It’s a replica but it still looked great.

When I had looked at all the interesting stuff there, then it was time for C&C. About usual turnout. Not big numbers but some stuff I didn’t expect.


Two German GT Cars. M6 Gran Coupe and a S4. Wheels weren’t my choice but they still looked ok.
Wing as tall as the roof because race car bro
Mini, Manual IS300, and manual Taco. Sadly, rust hit the Taco hard
How are these two so clean?
More CRX
Angry hatchback.
#Vapenation. GTS-T and two Subarus.
There were two Speed3s there but this is the only picture I took of either.
A MazdaSpeed6. I like these
GT3 guy wanted to park next to the construction for some reason

“Hey wait a minute. That Porsche looks familiar.” So of course I followed

Of course my phone decided my dash was more interesting
Yes, that’s the GT3 from cars and coffee and the Ferrari from the first pic.
That green El Camino in the background tho.

I’m pretty sure a McLaren and a Lambo (bro) showed up later because they usually do.


Oh and I’ve already started trying to do crazy aero on the Beetle. Ignore the broken crawlers in the background.