The Texas All British Car Show was today. I went, I saw, I got wet. Here are my photos.

The Triumph folks seemed to be the first to file in. Everybody else was asleep I guess.

There is something about the way the British put together machines - they always look just right. Whether it’s a steam locomotive, an ocean liner, or a sports car, there is something about the way everything sits together just right.

It was a misty morning, but for a while it seemed to be clearing up.

Archaic MG sports cars began to appear.

And Jaguars.

Love that tread.

And Rovers. The Land sort of Rovers.

Lever shocks, and Lucas...

Definitively British. And suddenly, so was the weather...

If they had made the whole car out of rubber instead of just the bumpers they wouldn’t even need a top.

British cars may not like to work in the rain, but they certainly look good in it.

The rain didn’t stop more cars coming.

This Wolseley convertible was one of only 57 built. Mechanically it is the same as the British Mini.

Wolseley might be the most British of all possible British car names.

bonus points if you can spot the saab.