I've gathered all the pictures of cars I've taken on my fancy dancy potato and shall now dump them all. Contains Enzo, F40, Racevan Odyssey, a F&F Supra with a babyseat, and other not as cool stuff.

I'll save those ones for last though.

Disclaimer: If you're expecting wallpaper quality it'll probably only be good for a small tablet or phone. This mainly just me making myself feel better after seeing the list of amazing cars at this Cars and Coffee.

Dealer brought the Viper.

Congrats! You made it.

I know the shot is crappy but it's full out. Yes the hood is carbon fiber. People at the Honda factory are allowed to help with the project. It's actually been raced.

Sorry for vertical...

Those rims... are... interesting.

Well that came out a lot worse than I remembered. Sorry.


Thanks for stoppin' by doods. How's your local C&C?