This week’s C&C was...well, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. It was crap. It was a bearable sort of day, the sun was not out, and it was a nice breezy temp out, but no one really showed up. I guess the rain scared them away. That and the damned construction in the parking lot. Anywho.

Me and Daily Drives a Dragon basically chilled and chatted for some hours about cars as a few mildly interesting things came and went. Here are the highlights.

Start off with showcasing my Outback and Dragon’s 4Runner. Disregard brake dust.
C4 Corvette makes me wanna dance to Kavinsky.
What appears to be a 323 missing a bumper... actually a stripped racecar.
Track day...bro?
Ridiculously clean Honda
-heavy breathing-
It’s nice to see a stock E46 M3.
Duster...with a slant six.
Just showing off my camera’s abilities.
CRX. Duct tape optional.
Quoting Dragon: “The one time you wish it’d rather be truck nuts.”
This Silverado hid nasty things...namely a turbo and cold air intake.
Even the small lads had some neat things out.
E63 is always nice. Just wish it was a wagon.
The Hellcamino.