Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from May (yes, May) 26-30th. It includes taking an Audi to LeMons, the autonomous car's effect on enthusiasts, Porsche's priorities and one's first time.

LeMons 24: We Came, We Saw, We Blew A Head Gasket - puppyknuckles

Pulling into the paddock area at New Jersey Motorsports park on a hot and sunny Friday in May, I took one look around at all the enclosed race trailers, I heard the sound of dozens of healthy motors screaming around the track logging test laps, and I thought "we're boned. Read more…

Autonomous Cars and the Future of the Enthuisiast - RightFootDown


It's no secret where RFD leans when it comes to our automotive preferences. It's certainly more Porsche than Prius to say the least. But the automotive press (and fellow Opponauts) is going nuts over Google's announcement of its first self-driving autonomous prototype car. Some hail this, and other new and emerging technology, as the end of the automotive industry as we know it, and one of many death blows for enthusiasts. Here are the top 5 reasons why that's bullshit. Read more…

Porsche Had Its Priorities Straight Back In 1993 - Blake Noble

The Porsche we know today is often censured by brand purists for building sports-utility vehicles, four-door sedans and 911s with a device known to engineers as a radiator. Critics, on the other hand, mock the brand for its ridiculous options lists and charging discerning enthusiasts extra (read: a lot) for deleting things like backseats and door handles. Read more…

My First Time In Second Gear - Cardiac Linfarction


When comparing first times, having sex and driving a car with a manual transmission are surprisingly similar: you may have attempted to improve your experience by researching how other people have successfully completed the task, but when the moment of truth arrives the only thing left is you - nervous as all hell, not quite sure how everything will turn out and terrified of making some mistake that either causes major damage or (more importantly) makes you look like the rookie you are. Read more…

American Icons: The Chrysler Minivan - James Gallagher

It's a boring Sunday afternoon, and you've drunk all the beer. There are no sports games on, your friends are busy, and it seems like there's nothing left to do but tune into your local PBS station. Or you go there first, you adventurous bastard you. They're showing a documentary about the turn of the century, and you notice a copious number of shots showing Model T's trundling around like weird little insects on grainy black and white film. It's an American classic, the icon that defines the era, a sort of establishing shot for the documentary as a whole. What will define the next turn of the century when we see documentaries on it later, you might ask? It's your favorite! The Chrysler S Platform minivan. Read more…

Can Google Overcome Tesla's Roadblocks? - Automatch Tom


Like you I have a lot of questions on what [Google's] creation means for the future of transportation. Will it save the planet? Will it solve congestion? Will it kill car-enthusiasts? My guess is probably not to all 3. However, the Google Car could post a very serious threat to an industry already feeling Read more…

Revisiting youth in a Mini Cooper JCW Coupe - Blythbros

It's 2001, I'm 14 and sitting in the driver's seat of the "New" MINI at the Boston car expo. Up to this point, the only car I have driven involves pedals, a lever that applies a metal rod to one of the rear wheels for "Braking", and is badged "KETTLER". But in my mind and dreams, I have driven across the country a hundred times. I picture myself driving this MINI, I depress the clutch and pull the gear lever into second *CLUNK*, then into third *CLUNK*, it feels like a straighter path into third than it should be. I like it. Read more…

Why being judgmental kills car enthusiasm - newton


I really hate to be the guy to point this out. It's something I've wanted to express but refrained from because the moment that I do, someone will remark that I must be fun at parties or that I have my panties in a bunch. Truth is, I don't always wear panties. Read more…

Streamline Mercedes 540 K restored in 3 year process - FreddsterExprs

Mercedes-Benz Classic, the department that deals with preserving the brands history and crushing 300 SL replicas, brought back another historic and if you ask me rather beautiful, elegant vehicle: the 540 K Stromlinienwagen. Read more…

I bought a Taurus SHO for $100 and it worked! - trendymultiwordscreenname



Back in the late 80's Ford had a ground breaking sedan in the Taurus. The Taurus did a lot of things well and other things just, well… ok. One of those things was acceleration. The stock mill was a 3.0L OHV V6 that cranked out 140hp and it wasn't a fun 140hp; it was a slow revving, no torque down low 140hp. 0-60 was measured in days. Read more…

Why Lewis Hamilton Is Pushing Fans Away - Jonny Edge

Great Britain is historically a nation that produces exceptional Formula 1 drivers. It's also a nation that fervently supports its drivers, especially if that driver has a chance at winning the World Championship. I grew up in that time where us Brits all got behind Damon Hill and cheered him to the 1996 title. Now in 2014, the majority of the nation is rooting for Lewis Hamilton to win his second Formula 1 World Championship, but it isn't the same as before. Read more…

Remembering the Little Imports that Could - NotInDetroit


It took a whole 16 years between Congress authorizing a proclamation and President Johnson making it official that a day shall be set aside for the remembrance of lost veterans. Even though Europe had been in peace, much had happened between that time: shattered economies rebuilt and rearmed against the Soviet threat, and as Johnson himself proclaimed in his speech, a new generation of young warrior was bleeding and dying in Vietnam. Occupation forces morphed into reconstruction and mutual defense forces in Europe and Japan and sat in for the long haul - this was their new home. As such, they needed cars. A whole new automotive subculture was born, and would be imported back to the 'States with many (but not all) of these brands occupying lofty niche or even mainstream corners. Read more…

A Regular Joe Goes to 'Green Hell' - 427CID

If you're anything like me, visiting and driving the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife is probably on your list of "thing I really want to do." It has certainly been on my mine ever since YouTube came into being and brought with it clips of Top Gear. I usually try to go on at least one big trip every year, and this year Germany and the Nordschliefe were up to bat. Read more…

The Formula Freak Paddock Club – Monaco Edition - FreddsterExprs



Welcome to the Formula Freak Paddock Club. It's far less exclusive and pricey than the real thing, but also more laid back and entertaining in its virtual entirety. We will cover pretty much everything interesting that has been going off track. This edition will be a bit longer than usual, simply because Monaco always creates many stories and because there was a two week gap between races. Read more….

Off-Roading in Southeast Idaho - vicariousILive

My dad and I were looking at the our most up to date topographical map we had of the area(circa mid-nineties). We noticed that there was a trail that went through what is called Crooked Creek and then come out at Skull Canyon(that map says it's Scott Canyon but everyone I knew called it Skull Canyon. I guess our Idaho hick accents messed up the translation. Read more…

This Chevy Nova Wagon Is A Teal Sleeper And I Want It Badly - TheDailyTurismo


The concept of a sleeper is simple. Start with a basic family sedan/wagon but add a 400 horsepower Chevy V8 and keep it stock looking. No dubs stanced to the fenders please, just simple steel wheels that can be easily turned into burning rubber with the loud pedal. Read more and also check out What Does $350k Of Depreciated Steel Looks Like.

Turning left, a beginners review of the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience - sampsonite24

Sitting in probably the same seat that Tony stewert has almost broken with his girth I sat in driving school. The instructor gave us two very Ricky Bobby-esque tasks: Go fast and Don't crash. He went over safety, how to unbuckled your harness and window net in the event of an emergency. Also passing procedures that would be directed by our spotters, and where the racing groove was and not to stray too high as that was where the professional drivers were running for the ride alongs. Then it was class dismissed and bathroom break before putting our racing suits on. Read more…

Did Honda/Toyota Pricing Open the Door for the new Sedona? - Automatch Tom



Minivan sales are holding strong, even though the automakers refuse to use the term "minivan." I used to not think too much about this vehicle segment but parenthood changes you, on a recent road-trip I pondered the possibility of a diesel powered minivan and when my son got car-sick about two hours into the 12+ hour ride I came to the realization that the Honda Vac was a brilliant idea. I also happen to think that the current generation Sienna SE, looks kinda cool….but not as cool as the new Kia Sedona. Read more…

Welp, I bought a Corvette... - Rock Bottom

So, I recently had a stroke of brilliance (or just a stroke) and traded my beloved 2008 Civic Si sedan in on a 15 year old Corvette… and I've never been happier! I loved my Si, but the lack of power was getting to be annoying. Sure, I could have gone and done something drastic like build a turbo car, but I've done that before and am totally over it. Chasing oil leaks and bizarre noises and the occasional "stumble" as you build boost to try and pass a gravel hauler was fun when I was a kid, but now I want to (and can afford to) go fast without dealing with all the BS that comes along with a Franken-car. Read more…

More Safety stuff this time Head and neck restraints - aj reuter


Today I want to take some time to talk about Head and Neck Restraints, Pros/cons of each and what you should know. First things first to get this out of the way, if you a racing or on track in a car that has 5/6 point harnesses, WEAR A HEAD AND NECK RESTRAINT, IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! Read more…

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Is The Most Beautiful Modern Car In the World - Road Magazine

Usually, I would begin reviews by discussing the performance statistics, technical specifications and the way it drives. However, that's not the case with the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, I'm beginning this one with its exterior. Why? Well, just look at it, it's just absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Read more…

Value Proposition: A Brief Review of a 1997 Volvo 855 - ssm-one



As you've probably deduced via the title of this post, the car I'll be reviewing today is a 1997 Volvo 850 wagon that I bought for a paltry $700. And that isn't even 700 real greenback dollars. I'm talking 700 maple syrup and bacon flavoured funny dollahs from the North yo! Hollah! Read more…

2001 Audi A8L- The Oppo Review - sm70

This week, I was given my first car, and what a first car it is! It is powerful, comfortable, cool, and loaded with toys that I will probably never use. I've spent the last few days getting to know the car, and every second I drive it, or sit in it, or look at it, it grows on me more. Read more…

Going heavy on Prius Tires - The Scion FR-S Review - dr861


When you join the CCCManhattan, or are in the process of joining, one of the required steps is an "induction." Aka the "scare you a little bit" speech and the "can you drive stick shift?" test. During the first part, Jbh gave me the rundown of how to treat the cars, how to drive them, and to have some mechanical sympathy while driving. This is the "Classic" car club after all, and the cars that are over 20 years old, do demand some sympathy in your foot. Read more…

My 2007 Volvo S60R M66 (manual) Review - sellphones2493

One year out of highschool, my decision to spend my hard-earned money on a 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Automatic (4-Speed) two years prior haunted me. While it was a great car, it was (a) Slow (b) Had a slushbox (c) I 'murdered'/blacked it out. I lucked out and sold it on eBay for slightly less than what I payed for it 20K miles ago. While I originally was slated to get a 2008 Mazdaspeed3, I ended up buying my R instead. Read more…

VW Doesn't Need More Cars, It Needs Better Ones - Automatch Tom



The Morning Shift reported that VW's new strategy will be to increase sales by bringing more new products to market, while reducing the model refresh time-frame from 5 years to 3. Many of our astute readers rightly pointed out that product turnaround time isn't the problem for VW, it is simply that the brand is charging too much for what they are offering. So when smart shoppers crunch the numbers, often the competition gets the sale. Read more…

The Best of the Rest

FreddsterExprs attended a classic Porsche meet. Jagvar attended C&C Great Falls, where McMike got up close and personal with door handles. Audi For Life showed us Portland C&C. Stephen the Canuck posted photos from Fitted Toronto. Torque Affair experienced a Ferrari event. Twinturbobmw stopped by the Red Door meet. Camaroboy68ss went on a cruise with his club. CrzRsn shared pictures form Memorial Day weekend (can you tell I'm behind?). Briannutter1 met a General Lee. BeauM showed his Mustang. Federicomos took in C&C West Chester, PA. Gabdere took photos of his new Civic Si. Forgetful detailed his FR-S. Vi517 visited the Denver Auto Show.

RWSVersion2 attended the Brands Hatch Historic Masters. Craig-oesterling went to a C&C at Michelin's NA headquarters. Ff86sabre photographed some birds in the sun. FreddsterExprs took a neat photo of an S1. Mosqvich saw the Thunderbirds. EuroJosh attended East Coast Bash. Stephen the Canuck spent some time with an R8. TheOneΣlectronic upgraded the suspension on his Tacoma. VincentvanCabrioW's VW met another VW. K-Roll took his father's 911 in for service.

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