Well, posters, but free is free.

I took German throughout Middle school and High school. The cliche German 1 end of year project was to write a letter in German to a German company. Naturally I chose BMW. I made the smart choice and wrote to the Welt instead of the headquarters. Those who did the opposite received typed letters that basically said to buy a poster from a dealership. I got a handwritten letter back and a few posters. Awesome!


A few months back, I wanted to give my rusty German skills a run for their money, and I wrote another letter with no intention of mailing it. I pretty much talked about how much I like E46 M3's and E39 M5's and I find them to both be timeless designs, although they are surpassed by older BMW styling. The letter turned out very well, so I mailed it. Before I did I added a bit about how this is the second letter I'd written, telling them about the one back in Middle school.

I completely forgot about it by the end of that week (a lot was going on) and I was surprised when nearly a month later I got tons of posters delivered to me. 20+ high quality posters that are pretty large, and once again a handwritten letter. The person who wrote back said they don't get as many letters as they used to, but they still receive a lot of fan mail!

They aren't just 320i's and the like. I got a Z4, M1, E30 M3 (my favorite!!!), and plenty of others. I gave a few away as I didn't have the space to hang them, and then I completely forgot to frame and hang them all together haha. Like I said, it was a busy time (shopping for a car). I just found them all tucked in the back of my closet, and I can't wait to hang them all up with my ///M banner and German flag.