I’m bored and procrastinating so please accept this definitive ranking of Boeing commercial jetliners.

1. 747: The Queen of the Skies. Personal preference for the -400, but they’re all good

Photo: Adrian Pingstone

2. 757: This is basically the only thing Trump is right about

3. 787: Sleek and modern

4. 707: I like that tail spike, more planes should have those


5. 737: Best with those bulging engine intakes, though it’s always fun to see a survivor with the old low-bypass jets puttering around

Photo: Aero Icarus

6. 767: It’s a plane I guess

Photo: Adrian Pingstone

7. 777: Those engines are really big

Photo: David A. Cantor

8. 727: Sorry trijet fans, the L-1011 is cool, but this isn’t

Photo: Mike Prendergast

9. 717: Not really a Boeing, and hey I’m not a DC-9 fan anyway