So there is a website that is popular here in Okinawa (or it’s popular with the military people from what I can see) for English speakers for selling stuff. They evidently don’t like CL so much.Anyway, looking through their car section I can find tons of Skyline R32/R34, Evos, WRXs and some Miatas. Some of them even seem sort of reasonably priced, and can family:

Ok this one is definitely a CP based on that Manuél shifter:

The R32/34 that are cheaper don’t have photos with the ads.

The Evos seem to run a bit more expensive:

Wait... there is only one Evo... he just has multiple ads for it. Well, and there is this one for under $10k as well:

There’s also this BMW:

Seeing these sort of cars makes me rethink the whole start with a kei car that will become my wife’s vehicle. Though I’m sure these are over priced, and I remind myself that most of these have been owned by young single guys who are probably driving them as if they are Mustangs leaving C&C. Still the availability of cars that have been more of a scarce commodity is tempting.