I might have had a beer...or two. But only two before dinner, officer. (I did a shit ton of DUI cases at the start of my career.)

I took a walk, as the Bay is across the street. That is SFO. I sat by the water watching planes.

I also saw some cars.

It will be wet tonight, so I felt I should document putting the top up, but things got out of hand.

It was the 80s.
This top is poorly done and will need to be replaced. We will see how business goes the rest of the year. It has been a meh year so far.
I love details like the lights. Those interior panels are original from Griffith.
I took liberty from my stock mission with this shift knob. I still have the original
This radio has been fully restored and works great.
When was the last time you saw such welcome to smokers?
The switch on the right is power antenna.
Ready for bed.