Along with some other stuff...

Ain't she a beauty? Made by Aoshima and part of a whole lineup dedicated to the 1990's Williams. This and the other cars can easily be had for 5 bucks on eBay, in case anyone's interested. I would've posted this sooner, but I didn't want any of you suckers bidding on my auctions :p


Anyways, this is my first Aoshima, so I don't know how they measure up to Kyosho, but I'll let you guys know when it arrives. The rest of this month's haul includes an Aoshima Williams FW14B, a pair of F92s, a McLaren MP4/12, and an Alfa Romeo Brera, the first non F1 car I bought this year. They'll take a while to arrive though, and I still didn't post the pictures of the rest of Kyosho's Ayrton Senna Collection, but I'll do it eventually. I've been a bit busy, is all.