I've made up my mind. Miata is the answer. I've been searching, but can't find any worthy of the price an owner wants. I desire for a 1.8 na/b manual. I'd prefer for one that comes with a hard top. Help me search? Within 100 miles of San Diego.

On a similar note, a question: I've never owned a convertible, so how does one keep it secure? I live in a quiet/safe neighborhood/community, but when I'm out elsewhere, I'm afraid someone would slash a top, take parts, and/or steal the car outright. The reality is that the car would likely spend a good amount of time left/parked/stored outdoors overnight/for x - amount of time when not used. Granted, I wouldn't leave anything of value in the car or at the least in plain sight. How do you secure your Miata's/convertibles & alleviate risks?